Progress at American Lake Veterans Golf Course new nine

I have previously written and posted about the new nine holes under construction at American Lake Veterans Golf Course, down in Lakewood, Washington. The course is primarily for veterans, and particularly injured veterans, to enjoy golf and all of it’s benefits. The course is entirely run by volunteers, and is a truly inspiring place to visit. Jack Nicklaus donated the design of the new nine, but $5,000,000 was needed to be raised from private donors in order to acquire the land and construct the course, and this goal has mostly been met.  My photographic efforts have been made with the idea of helping the fundraising. As you can tell from these progress photos, they are close to being able to seed, and things are progressing nicely. For me personally, it has been fascinating to observe how a course is constructed. It’s no wonder they cost so much to build! I think you can also see that the new nine is going to be a beautiful test, with numerous old oak and fir trees, elevation changes, bunkers, and some fairly narrow fairways. So cool! More fundraising is needed, so if you are so inclined, please help: … Also, here is an article about Jack Nicklaus’ efforts, and love for this project.DSC02083 DSC02069 DSC02059 DSC02035DSC02029DSC02051


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