Sweet, small scale solution to detached housing

Chico Ext 4Chico Ext 6Bainbridge Island’s Wenzlau Architects is doing exemplary work creating, among other things, moderate density, relatively affordable housing. One such project coming to maturation is Chico Beach Village. Seven 2 and 3 bedroom homes ranging from approximately 1600-1700 square feet are clustered on an acre of waterfront property on Puget Sound’s Dyes inlet, near Silverdale, Washington. A collaboration between The Cottage Company and Wenzlau Architects, and built by Fairbank Construction Company, Chico Beach Cottages is the first Built Green 5-Star and Energy Star Certified community as certified by the Kitsap Home Builders Association.

When you look over Wenzlau Architects’ website and particularly their multi-family projects, some words and phrases keep appearing, like low-impact, sustainable, ecological, moderate density, common spaces for developing a sense of community, courtyards, open spaces, sense of place, small scale solutions to detached housing, and energy efficient. As a Bainbridge Island resident for 24 years, I view Charlie Wenzlau’s work as having had a totally positive effect on my community, as showing the way on how to build forward thinking, energy efficient, aesthetically beautiful mini-communities. He minimizes the presence of cars, hiding garages behind the courtyards. And as you can see by these photos, the network of paths create a gentle flow amongst the maturing landscape. Well done, Charlie.Chico Ext 7Chico KitchenChico Living Room


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